Where Do I Start When Thinking About a Digital Marketing Strategy?

You have start at the very beginning. Putting together a digital marketing strategy is not something one person in the business can do alone. It is a collaboration and a team effort that should include all stakeholders and senior management. A digital marketing strategy is a money making stream and although it is hard to quantify and measure it should be looked at in this manner.

  1. Sit down with the management team and outline the values for your business. How do you want your business to be viewed by others? Having a digital marketing strategy puts your business out there more than ever before so it is important that everyone is on board with how you want the company to be viewed by others. It needs to be a unified front for all consumers of your brand.
  2. Have the goals of your business outlined on a yearly basis – these need to be SMART goals and everyone within the business should be aligned to these. These should cover everything from turnover, profit, new clients, staff turnover reduction and anything else you want to achieve. Get the team together and discuss and review on a quarterly or bi annual basis.
  3. Discuss the goals for you online marketing strategy – include who you want to target e.g age range, income bracket, location and sex and make sure your goals are SMART. No one can guarantee you will meet the goals but that is why we set them  in order to aim high. You have to trust in your provider and if they do not deliver they need to be held accountable.
  4. Are you looking to grow your online presence or just sustain it? Some business are happy to plod along and sustain the following they have. This can be the case if there is a lack of funds or reluctance in the management team to trust in the digital marketing strategy.
  5. Discuss the budget involved. If you are looking into growing your presence then paid adverts should be considered, competitions worth entering and sharing should be thought about. Do you have someone in house that you can delegate this responsibility to or will you need to outsource to an expert. All this needs to be factored into the budget.
  6. Speak to a professional who can review your online presence and make suggestions, these can include graphics that streamline and unify all mediums, can include creating back links to improve SEO, content creation and community creation.

An online marketing strategy is something that in this modern world most businesses need – even coffee shops have brilliant online strategies but it is not something to be sniffed at, it is something that needs some effort and thought put into.

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