How Beans on Toast will Generate Engagement on Facebook

Increasing your engagement on Facebook is so important to growing your brand awareness, your following and ultimately your sales. So what is beans on toast and how can it help you grow your business?

Facebook have changed the game a hundred times and they will keep changing it. What will never change is that Facebook will only show the people that they want your content to be seen by. For your content to be shown in as many people’s news feeds as possible, people have to like comment and share it.

BUT you cannot ask people to like, comment and share a post. This will hinder your reach on Facebook.

So how do you get people to see your social media posts?

Share content that people will want to share with their friends. Guess what? This is not your sales post!

This is the funny graphic that made them laugh, a picture of a place they desire to go with a friend or a loved one, the quote that reminds them of that friend they met at the yoga retreat 5 years ago etc… this is the beans on toast.

It is all the other stuff that you have to share to increase your engagement that will ultimately raise your profile so that eventually your sales posts will be seen organically by more people.

Once you are consistently increasing your engagement you can share a sales post. Then, because Facebook realises people like and are engaging with your content they will show your sales post to your audience and more people will get the chance to see it.

Make your page a place for great content that people can relate to, they can share and will give them a release from the stresses in their life.

For wellness entrepreneurs you could post content around journaling, visualisation, health tips and advice, manifestation, energy, chakras, movements, etc… the best type of content is relatable content.

If you have any questions or would like to have a chat about outsourcing your social media then make sure you book in for a 30minute consultation with me.


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