Get clients to knock at your door…

The ultimate goal within a business is to really know your target market. It is to really understand their pain points and be able to show them you understand them and that you have the solution to their needs.

Step 1.

The key is being 100% focused on who your target market is, what they struggle with and how you solve that for them. If you cannot be specific on who that person is then you will struggle with your attraction marketing.

This is how specific I get with my marketing:

I work with businesses that help others, the founders have huge hearts and simply want to help as many people as possible. It is not about making money for these amazing individuals it is about sharing their passion and love with as many people in the world that they can reach. They are focussed on their business, understand exactly HOW they help people and want to show this to the world but just don’t know how to reach their target market on social media.

Step 2.

Create content that helps your audience to learn, grow, develop their skills and give value at every opportunity.

You need to provide value to people, give so much away for free such as help guides, advice, tips etc that people are drawn into what you have to say and wait eagerly for your next topic.

It is one thing to have your niche nailed but it is another to provide them content consistently to ensure you are truly helping them.

It is easy to find relevant newsworthy articles that your audience will find interesting. Using the News section of Google is one easy way to find the latest articles related to your niche. Follow people in your niche and see what they are sharing. Run polls on Facebook and ask your audience what they want to hear and then create content off of the back of this.

News on Google

Providing this content will not only allow you to provide value to your followers but it will also allow you to become the expert in your field and show that you care about their needs.

Step 3.

Become your ideal client’s friend. Be there for them when they need you, provide the place they come to and ask all their questions and get accurate answers.

This way when they can afford your services or are ready to take massive action within their business then they will want to reach out to you. Their friend and confident.

All this takes work, it takes passion and determination and ultimately it takes time.


If you do not have the time to do this yourself then reach out and say “Hi”. Book a FREE 30-minute consultation with me now.


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