5 Ways you can Monetise your Facebook Group

Do you have a Facebook group that has been going great, tons of engagement and people joining regularly but you are worried about how you can monetise the group?

There are a number of ways that this can be done and this blog will give you new ideas to monetise in a group and another blog will follow on how to convert people to sales within a group, if you want to be notified about this then make sure you sign up for the Free Social Media Calendar on the right side of the page.

  1. Affiliate marketing. This is when someone signs up to something you have shared a link for. This is a great way to get a kickback from a sale and it doesn’t cost the user anything to use your link. You can use this on products and services. If you are looking for products that aligns with your business then look at, they are a website that has tons of large companies that have affiliate links.
  2. Create a course. There are so many people creating courses these days but there is still a market for this. You are not meant to be everyone’s teacher and therefore your course will be unique to your audience.
  3. Provide a service. If you have an engaged group that are sharing their pain points with you, it would be super easy for you to provide a service that helps them do just that. Think outside the box on this one. People always need help.
  4. Build an e-commerce store. If you have a group in a specific niche then you can create products that would benefit them. You can either dropship these products or stock them yourself. This is a more complex solution but is totally feasible.
  5. Allow people to advertise in your group. Facebook is bringing out adverts in groups soon so you could get ahead and allow people that would be specific to your niche to post in your group with unique links. They could then track those people right through to sale. You could charge on a per post or per sale modal.

I hope this has given you some thoughts on additional ways you could monetise your current group. If you need help with your group and are struggling to keep up with everything then please reach out.

I am currently managing various groups for clients and am having fantastic results. I would love for you to be the next one. 


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