How to Plan Out Your Social Media Strategy

This is a question I get asked A LOT by my clients. Are you sitting here wondering what the magic answer is to your social media strategy?

I often change my social media strategy. It depends on what is working for my audience, how it’s received and what the engagement is like on my page, in my group and on my Instagram page. Then if necessary I’ll make changes to it.

I wanted to give you a brief overview today of how to plan it out, analyse it and then make changes so you can move forward with your social media strategy.

The number one tool I use for my content is Airtable. Airtable is a website that has a fantastic planning out structure in which you can plan out all your posts. It has a monthly view which is a great way to get organised and view what you have planned for the month.

With Airtable you can have different calender views for all your social media accounts. Maybe you might prefer to see your Facebook content at a weekly view and then Instagram at a monthly view. The great thing is that you can choose how you would like to view content and what works best for yourself.

Once you have chosen what type of calendar view you wish to use you can then add the type of post it is. These may include engagement posts, sales posts and even storytelling. Then, plan your content out throughout the month. If you’re a bit stuck at this point I can provide you with a content calendar which should give you ideas on all the different type of content that you can post. You can go back into the content depending on what type of post you are going to do.

When it comes to social media strategy it comes down to the type of post you are going to write and how often you are going to post it.

If you only take one piece of information away from this blog please make sure it is the above paragraph. You need to work out what type of posts resonate with your audience. You’ll be able to work this out from the engagement you receive from your posts and you can also ask your audience what type of content they would like to see more of as we

In your posts link back to any relevant blogs and articles that will be helpful for your audience. Cross-posting is absolutely vital these days and it will give you a chance to increase your audience as well.

Airtable has a free and paid version. The free version has everything in it that I’m currently needing to use it for so I haven’t checked out the paid version yet.

I hope this blog has been helpful to you. Plan out your social media content by the type of posts, plan it out visually and then add in the content after that. If I realise that I’ve missed posting on some days, I’ll go through the types of posts that I’ve already written and then I can fill in the types that I’ve missed out.

The types of posts are the most important thing to your social media strategy and you need to have a good mixture, don’t just stick to one or two types. Give your audience variety.

You can download the template I use here. It has calendar views, blog copy, hashtags, password etc. Everything is in one place which makes your life a lot easier.

If this seems overwhelming and you are ready to outsource then book a call with me now to discuss if working together would be a good fit.


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