My Invoices Get Paid While I Sleep

I love waking up to contracts signed, invoices paid and clients onboarded with emails and forms completed. Honestly, the feeling you have made money literally while you sleep is so exhilarating. 

No, I don’t have a virtual assistant doing this for me while I sleep, it is all down to systems and processes that I have in place that work for me…the main one is Dubsado. 

I know this sounds like a cheesy advert for a company but I promise that having a CRM system that does this everything for you has literally changed my business. So whether you use Dubsado or another one of the CRM systems I recommend you find one that works perfectly for you. But if you do decide to use Dubsado, you can get 20% off with my link right now. 

Let me work you through the customer journey that my clients go on to working with me. 

1 – They book in a discovery call with me on the website, this asks them to fill out a number of questions so that I can assess their suitability and also get to know them a little more before talking to them. It also allows them to book in a time straight into my calendar meaning I am never fully booked and I don’t let people book a call within 24 hours because I plan my days in advance. 

2 – Before the call they are sent a series of 3 emails that remind them of the call and give them the zoom link to join me at the correct time. They also are added into my automated email sequence which means I can send them my newsletter regularly too. 

3 – After the call, if they decide they do want to work with me, I already have all their information for the contract because of the form they filled out in step 1. I add the contract to the project which automatically adds their contact info and merge’s all the relevant details. 

4 – Then I add a workflow to project, that says as soon as the client has signed the contract to start the workflow, I like my clients to feel like this is a human process so I delay by an hour after each action. 

5 – The workflow sends them an invoice when they have signed the contract and when they have paid the invoice they get an onboarding email with links to slack/voxer and the next steps in the process which can also sometimes be forms for them to complete. 

Boom! I wake up with contract signed, invoices paid and onboarding complete. That is well worth the small monthly price to me. Feel free to check out Dubsado and make sure it is the right platform for you, if you have any questions or need some help setting up the right systems and processes in your business to make life a little easier then book in a call now. 


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