Kim Andreolli’s Interview
Kim Andreolli

Who are you and what do you do?

“I am a love and meditation coach and I’ve got a fabulous six week program that I do. I work one on one really closely with single women who want to learn how to attract their dream soulmate. Really let go of past pain, remove any roadblocks and then learn how to manifest love and bring love into their lives. And then also learn a really practical way of dating out in the real world and online. So it’s a really amazing programs because you’re learning, you’re doing your spiritual healing in inner work and you’re doing your really practical day to day. How do I do date? Okay. Once you’re sort of like you’re energized and you’ve expanded your energy and you know how to manifest, how do you date in the real world? How does, how does that work? How do I make a profile? What do I wear? What do I say? How long should the date last? So it’s very much so like that it’s a really fabulous program that I would have loved to have had when I was a single mom for six, very long, hard years.”

What results are your clients getting?

Just this weekend, one of my 70 year old clients, she has a proposal on the table from a guy that she’s been dating, but she’s not, she sure if she’s going to take it because she’s got another guy she’s dating. So she’s kind of like weighing the two of them up. And this is a woman who has been single for 30 years. Okay. She was widowed 30 years ago. She’s been single for 30 years. She’d never done online dating. She went online this summer. She put her real age as well because she did not want to. She was so scared of putting her real age. She put her real age and literally within a week she had over a hundred replies and the following week she had her first date, which was a fabulous date with a really nice guy. And she’s had loads of dates, she went through the program. She finished in July. She’s been dating August now, September, October proposal last week but she’s got another lovely guy and she’s trying to weigh it up and her life is completely changed so, that’s just one of them. And you know, it’s just so profound. It’s unbelievable. I work with women any age and often I get women in their thirties, they’d say to me, I feel like I’m too old and I’m like, I have clients in their seventies. You cannot say that to me. So, it’s one of the things you’re never, ever too old to date. There are eight billion people on this planet, Deasha. And we all only want one and some of us like my lucky, very lucky client has two, but actually it’s not even about luck. It’s about putting in the work and you know this because this is what you and I have done, is putting in the work. If you put in the work, you find an amazing coach that has had incredible results. Like you have, like I have and you do the work. You are going to get results. End of story.

How have you signed these clients and become fully booked? 

So we’ve been working on being able to figure out how I’m going to bring clients in, in a beautiful way, not using ads. I think that’s the main goal for you and I, because I had ads running and I really wanted to learn a system where I wouldn’t have to rely on advertising. I started my group and my business a year ago and I’ve got two and a half thousand women in my group. And so when we started working together, I had maybe 2000 six months ago, five months ago. And I was like, do you think, I remember saying this to you, I’ve got thousand women in my group Deasha, do you think I could get X amount of clients a month from that? And you were like, absolutely. This is your niche. These are your people.

That’s what I came to you for. I wanted to figure out, how do I get clients and how do I turn it off when I want to turn it off and turn it on when I want to. How do I create new things? What are they attracted to? Can I try this? And not only did you give me your ideas, I went to you and said, oh, I’m thinking about this. I think my clients might like this. And you were like, yeah. And you could do it this way and why don’t you try it this way? So every time you’re so brilliantly creative. So anytime I wanted something out of the box, you’re so excited. You could do it this way and give me all these ideas.

How much were you spending on ads?

“I was spending £700 a month”

And you have turned these off now?

I turned them off on Sunday. Because you know, even working through the program with you up until now, I think we’ve been together five months, I have always thought, I want to do this organically, but I also want to be able to have my ads, which is nice. But it wasn’t until this weekend it was like a giant light bulb moment. So it’s perfect that you timed this interview. I got that. Actually, if I wanted to never turn the ads on, I wouldn’t have to, because now I’ve built up this confidence and a system that I can repeat and I also can create it in different ways. Like it’s okay to kind of like expand off and try a little something different or this way or that way. You know? So now I’m like, maybe I can turn the ads on if I want, but actually if I never turn the ads on, that’s going to be okay too.

How much time have you spent working the system?

I do spend a lot of time to be really honest, I think you got to know that. You have got to spend a lot of time chatting to people. However, it’s really nice chatting to people that you want to work with. You know, these people in my group, I love them. They’re my niche. They’re my people. They’re, at where I was at, 10 years ago as a single mom, they’re in the same space. And 10 years ago when I got engaged, I made a promise. I made a promise out to the universe when I got this ring, my engagement ring that someday I would help single women who were in the same space as me. So yes, it is a lot of work, but it’s nice work. It’s fun work. You’re chatting to people that you want to help. You’re having fun. You’re doing creative stuff. So, but it is a lot of work a lot.

So you’re not just having aimless conversations. Are you, you’re having specific conversations to get them on calls?

I now get how I need to speak to them. You’ve helped me figure out that there is a way to do it and that’s really nice because it’s really aligned with my work that I do.

Mindfully marketing. You don’t have to be creepy stalker person. You know, what I’m offering, I truly believe is beautiful and really helpful. And there are some people that really need it and want it. And there are some people that don’t and that’s okay and they’re not my perfect client, so I’m going to love them and leave them.

But for the ones that need it they’re there waiting and in a way I would be doing a disservice by not reaching out and saying, Hey, I got this offer. Hey, I’m closing the books in a couple of days. You want to jump on a call?

I have one woman, just today I’ve been chatting with her, for now for I’d say three months chatting, chatting, chatting. And finally she said, “can I have that masterclass link again?” But because she’s already watched like three of my masterclasses and we’ve had loads of conversations. I said “Do you want to just jump on a call and see about working, one on one with me”, it just felt so natural. And so she said, “yeah, actually I would” And it just felt so natural.

Did you have success with your ads or was it more organic with you signing clients?

I did have success with my ads. However, my ads kept getting rejected and rejected and rejected and rejected. They were such a source of stress for me that even, recently they were getting rejected and then I’d have to go back and redo them and put them back in. I can’t even explain the feeling, the nervousness I got about Facebook and getting rejected. So that’s the deal for me is that yes, when they worked, they worked and I would say I was getting 50%, 5-6 months ago. 50% of my clients came from ads and 50% came from organic. However, that was before you and I started working closely one on one. So yes, I had 50 and 50, but now after five months, you and I have been working together. I’m like, oh, I’m, sussing the organic out. And you know Deasha, I am never going to be able to sus the ads out the way I have been able to sus organic out. And I have hired ad coaches and even they’re baffled by things on Facebook and bots, you know, you’re dealing with a bot that’s rejecting you or whatever it’s really not that controllable. Whereas an organic thing is a different thing.

It’s funny, you mentioned about the work that goes into ads because I have conversations with people that say I’m just going to use ads because I don’t want to do much work. 

I was one of those people. And really, and truthfully, I am telling you a hundred percent, only until this weekend, I thought it was always going to be a 50/50 thing. I was going to always have to have 50% ads. And I was always going to have 50% organic. And this weekend, the penny dropped, and my ads have been running 10 days now. I finally got them un-rejected. They’ve been running 10 days up until Sunday. And God forbid I would touch them because they’re finally freaking running. Oh my God, they’re running. And the penny dropped this weekend because I reached out to 12 women behind the scenes and five women signed up out of 12 little conversations that I’d had with women. Okay. They were ready. They were kind of sitting on the fence but that’s five signups. It’s like a lot of money in one weekend.


If you want to connect with Kim then you can join her group Finding Love Thru Meditation or they could just reach out to her, Kim Andreolli on messenger. 


If you want to learn more about working with me 1:1, then book in a call or if you are not ready yet for that then join The 6 Figure Incubator. 


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