You are not getting the organic leads you think you should be right now… 

You are trying to post, make connections and do all the things but still nothing…

Join the challenge and over the next 3 days you will put together an action plan.



❤️ You want clients
❤️ You want engagement 
❤️ You want more leads

I know how you feel…after years of chasing my tale and looking for clients it all came together, clients started coming to me with ease. Clients started paying my prices and loved working with me. So what changed?

⛔ You don’t have to pay for ads.

⛔ You don’t start cold DM’ing people

⛔ You don’t do any spammy posting

All I did, was stood up and stood out. That is what I am going to help you do inside of this challenge. Sign up now and join us to find out how you can start to have clients sliding into your DM’s ready to sign up. and pay you cash.


Deasha Waddup
Hi, I am Deasha, I am a dog mum to Rolo, a traveller at heart and I have built my entire business organically, without paying for ads.

I built my business as a social media manager working with organisations to leverage their teams, ads and organic social media and I quickly realised that what I was doing for them, was not what I was doing for myself. I decided, I wanted to help Solopreneurs like me to find the clients they need without the big teams of people behind them and without the expensive platforms.

I have now coach people like you so that you can spend less time on social media and be more targeted with the time that you do spend on the platform. Leverage is so much powerful than spending hours scrolling.