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How to win your 30 minute social media strategy session with me? 

All you need to do is copy and paste the text below and share it inside the group with a picture of your Social Media Calendar, either on a screen or printed out! 


“I am so excited to start planning 2022 with Deasha’s Social Media Calendar” 

It is that simple…

I will announce the winner every month which will be randomly from those that take action. 

Hi, I am Deasha, I am a traveller at heart and spent 5 years working and travelling the world as I built my business. Now you can find me mostly in Manchester with my puppy Rolo.

I created Social Treats so that I could help amazing women like you have a bigger impact on the world. Growing your business to 6 figures and beyond should not be hard work, it is about creating systems and processes that help you grow on autopilot.

There are a number of ways that we can work together all you need to do is claim your complimentary discovery call and we can see which is the best program for you.

I cannot wait to see your business grow and I hope that I can help you reach the goals you don’t dare to write down…yet.