Join the 3 Day Challenge

and you will…

❤️ Manage your Mind

❤️ Get to Grips with the “How”

❤️ Get Clients Coming to You

Starts 28th April! 


Manage Your Mind

Putting your business “out there” and finally being ready to be your authentic self with the world comes with some mindset blocks, we are going to work through these by getting clear on your vision, building your confidence and giving you the tools to do this daily. 

The "How"

Day 2 will go into the “what and where” we will be updating your personal profile to make sure that you are leveraging your prime real estate on Facebook. We will cover how to separate work from personal, how you make use of all Facebook gives you for FREE. 

Get Clients

Day 3 is where we talk about the attraction strategies that are available to you to drive your ideal clients to your profile and have people joining you on a daily basis. We will talk about the content you can share and how to not break Facebook Terms and Conditions and have your account shut down. 

When you sign up you will get…

❤️ Welcome email to join the group

❤️ Day 1 – Workbook with journaling prompts and suggested mindset reading list

❤️ Live with me in the group to ask any questions and work through mindset issues.

❤️ Day 2 Step by Step Guide on the technical aspect of setting up your personal Facebook page

❤️ Live with me to understand why working on your personal profile is so important

❤️ Day 3 The chance to win a power hour with me and exclusive access to the new Beta program.

❤️ Live with me talking about attraction strategies that bring everything together. 


Hi, I am Deasha, I started my business in 2016, serving Wellness Entrepreneurs and helping them scale their business to 6 & 7 figure businesses, I quit my job in 2018 and I become a certified Facebook trainer for #shemeansbusiness. I recently looked back at everything I have achieved and realised I wanted to help others do the same. I pivoted to create a group and program for VA’s and SMM’s to build and grow their business. 

My big vision was to create freedom in my life, the freedom to live my life where and how I wanted without the constraints of the 9-5. I want that for you! I want you to choose a life that you create on your terms and spend your life doing exactly what you want – whatever that looks like to you ?