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How is your Facebook group doing really? 

I know that if you are joining a challenge all about growing your Facebook group then it mustn’t be doing too great. 

Don’t worry, I am not here to judge, I have been there and closed a Facebook Group down but now my Facebook group makes 6 figures and doesn’t have more than 2000 people in it! 

But, it didn’t happen over night, it took strategy, guidance and a whole lot of work. I want to help you every step of the way so if you want to take control of your Facebook group and your bank balance then check out The 6 Figure Incubator. 

The 6 Figure Incubator is a community of entrepreneurs that are passionate about growing their Facebook group and want accountability and support as they turn those members into paying clients. You can join now for just $147 per month! 


After spending £700 per month on ads I now know, if I wanted to never turn on the ads againI wouldn’t have to because if my Facebook Group. Now I have this confidence and a system that I can repeat and I can also create in different ways. 

Kim Andreolli

I had just watched the sunset on holiday and an email came om to say someone has purchased your program. Anothet time, I woke up to an email that sales had come in overnight. Leveraging my Group and automation allows me to work when I choose to.

Imogen Tagney

Hey, I’m Deasha. 

Helping other entrepreneurs, create more freedom and a better life for themselves is one of my biggest drivers and I truely want to get to know you all, so here is a bit about me in the meantime. 

I am coffee drinking, prosecco lover who likes adventures, walks with the dogs and will never say no to a holiday! One of the reasons, I created my business was so that I could say yes to more holidays and adventures. 

I am so excited to hear more about you, your business and your Facebook Group. Please do send me a message on Facebook and connect with me, or flick me an email.