Your Facebook Group is not growing!

There is zero engagement in the group

AND, you are not generating sales.

Is a Facebook Group really worth all the hassle? 



I launched my current Facebook Group in May 2020 and since then I have made 6 figures just by utilising my small but mighty community. 

BUT, I also made mistakes… from closing groups, low engagement, zero growth and absolutely no sales! 

In this challenge, I am going to share with you the mistakes I made and how you can course correct right now to make sure that you have a wildly successful Facebook Group that generates 6 figures and beyond in the next 12 months. 

We are kicking off on the 6th December and we will be covering…

💖 Growing your Facebook Group Consistently

💖 Encouraging engagement inside your Facebook Group

💖 and Selling so that your bank account is full! 


I highly Recommend you work with Deasha to grow your group, having a growing and engaged group has been a huge business boom for me. Deasha is a real pro, she is very clear and specific.

Alex Branning

Deasha was able to quickly and concisely provide feedback on ways to make sure the right people were showing up with ease and grace.

Steph Lagana

Deasha Waddup

Hi, I am Deasha, I am a dog mum to Rolo, a traveller at heart and I have built my entire business using Facebook Groups. 

I have a small but might community that consistently generates me 10k per month and it is time that I turn around and help others do the same with their communities. 

I have worked with 6 & 7 figure business owners managing their communities and funnelling people into sales conversations. 

I am a certified Community Manager by Facebook and strive to deliver the best and most up to date knowledge to you whenever possible. 

This challenge is just the start…


If you are thinking about working with Deasha, Absolutely! It was one of the best decisions I have made in my Business to date. You won’t go wrong!

Ryan Rockwell

I want to ay that I feel really good about the promoton we got together for the 1:1 launch. I really like how we did it and I feel like I am getting focused in my own voice both in the posts and my lives. 

Antonia Phelan Balazs