Knowing which Facebook groups you are allowed to promote in can be tough, it is a massive strategy that I use to build my business and connect with new audiences regularly. 


Grab my spreadsheet of groups which is consistently being updated with new groups and fact checked too! 


Hi, I am Deasha, I am a traveller at heart and spent 5 years working and travelling the world as I built my business. Now you can find me mostly in Manchester with my dog Rolo.

I created Social Treats so that I could help amazing women like you have a bigger impact on the world. Growing your business to 6 figures and beyond should not be hard work, it is about creating systems and processes that help you grow on autopilot.

I am passionate about building relationships first over anything else because I truly do love people. I help my clients connect with their audience in a deeper more meaningful way to easily convert into paying customers. 

I cannot wait to see your business grow and I hope that I can help you reach the goals you don’t dare to write down…yet.

How to Attract Your Soul Clients Without Ads

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