Introducing… Impact and Income Multiplier

You’ve been busy building a business thats getting amazing results for your clients and you’re so excited to be having a huge impact. But it is extremely 1:1 focused and you’ve reached a point where you need to build out some group offers so that you can impact more people all over the world.

“to do” list?

Have you found that the scaling part of your business has stayed on the “to do” list for far too long? There are usually a few reasons for that!

You don’t know how to extract what you teach 1:1 and turn it into a group program. 

You don’t know how to go about pre selling it, launching it turning it into an evergreen offer.

You have no idea about the tech or how to do this in a way that doesn’t take months

You have no idea how you would fit it into your schedule anyway.

Step in Impact and Income Multiplier

A combination of strategy, systems and mindset that will have you building a program that will sell like hot cakes. You’ll be able to impact more people than your 1:1 could every do whilst freeing up more time for you to create freedom and find time to do what lights you up! 

So, what is it? 

The Impact and Income Multiplier program is 6 months together in a group setting and by the time we are done, you will: 

  • Have extracted your knowledge by reverse engineering your outcomes and knowledge 
  • Understand the different set ups you could offer and how to run them as a launch or an evergreen model to consistently sell. 
  • Pre sell your course or group program before even build it. 
  • Understand your customers buying cycles and how to sell to them where they are now
  • Be able to write content that converts without sales calls 
  • Have a step by step guide to launching that is repeatable and unique 
  • Have built your audience in emails and your Facebook group to sell to when ready 
  • Be able to sell without feeling icky and whilst staying in alignment
  • You will be able regulate your own immune system so that you can get unstuck at any moment. 
  • Hack your Reticular Activating System which controls your fight or flight modes
  • Set brain based launch goals that you believe on a cellular level are possible for you!

You Dream It

We help you Do it!


How much time with us

Weekly group coaching calls for 6 months are included on the basic package! That is 25 group coaching calls, alternating between mindset and strategy calls to make sure you get everything you need! 

Build accountability with your peers of no more than 30 you should be able to get to know each other, form collaborations and utilise each others audiences. 

A private Facebook group will allow you to get questions answered in between sessions and practice content and get feedback. 

Tech Masterclass so you understand the different technologies available to you and their pros and cons so you can make an informed decision. 

If you know, you need help implementing then we have brought together our team so you can upgrade to done for you services and implement quicker. 

Upgrade to VIP and ALSO get 8 1:1 calls, 4 with Nicola to talk mindset and 4 with Deasha to talk strategy! 





Our Stories…

Nicola Grimson..

Deasha Waddup

Deasha started building her business as a social media manager in 2016, she struggled to really make it work and ended up going back to a job in 2017, only to quit the job in 2018 after she finally cracked the code to consistent sales and her income took over her full time job. 

Deasha soon realised that although she was good at what she did, there was no way to scale when she kept selling 1:1 offers. Her time was limited and she wasn’t creating the freedom she wanted. She launched her first group program which then turned into a self study course after the offer was proven and then this year launched a membership program to further increase her reliable monthly income! 

Deasha has set up monthly recurring revenue because of these and is able to have serve more people and still work 1:1 with clients too. 

Frequently Asked Questions….

What If I don't have the time?

That is why we have brought in a team of done for you service members that we work with to make sure that you can actually implement all of this. You can choose to upgrade to some or all of the done for you services including, course creation, sales page copy and even VA services. 

Will this work for me?

If you have been selling 1:1 and been consistently making money in your business for a while, then this will work for you, with the amount of support that we have put together there is no way uou can fail at this. 

What if I can't make the live classes?

Not a problem at all, all sessions will be recorded and uploaded into the portal and the Facebook Group for you to access when you get a chance, you can also submit your questions in advance to the group. 

Can I upgrade to 1:1 later on?

Of course, you can upgrade. to 1:1 at any point but it will be at the full price rather than at any special offer price that may be available right now for you.

Are payment plans available?

Yes, payment plans are available, we want to make sure this is as afforable as possible for everyone.