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Launching 10th May 


Scaling With Deasha: The podcast for entrepreneurs scaling to 6 figures and beyond

On the Podcast, we’ll talk about…

❤️ Marketing your business organically
❤️ Reducing Overheads and Hustle
❤️ The process to eliminate limiting beliefs
❤️ Stories from other 6 figure + entrepreneurs
❤️ Downfalls and greatest challenges
❤️ and so much more…

We can’t wait to share with you in May!

Hi, I am Deasha, I started my business in 2016, serving Wellness Entrepreneurs and helping them scale their business to 6 & 7 figure businesses, I quit my job in 2018 and I become a certified Facebook trainer for #shemeansbusiness. I recently looked back at everything I have achieved and realised I wanted to help others do the same. I pivoted to create a group and program for VA’s and SMM’s to build and grow their business. 

My big vision was to create freedom in my life, the freedom to live my life where and how I wanted without the constraints of the 9-5. I want that for you! I want you to choose a life that you create on your terms and spend your life doing exactly what you want – whatever that looks like to you ?